"God uses COMMUNITY to lead us to MATURITY."

God's plan for humanity has always been clear - that we "may GROW UP in all things into Him who is the head—Christ” (Ephesians 4:15).  As any parent, God isn't content for us to merely be born into His family; He desires that we would grow and reach the point of maturity.  His desire is that we wouldn't just grow OLD, but that we'd grow UP as well.

How does that maturity happen?  I believe that a major portion of the process takes place in the context of community.  Without community, you'll never reach the level of spiritual maturity that God desires for you life.

How can I say that?  Check out Part 4 in The BodyShop series as we continue to look at the different markers that make for a healthy member of the Body of Christ.

MANY MEMBERS, ONE BODY - The BodyShop Part 2

We began our exploration of what does it mean to be a "healthy" member of God's Body on earth by delving into the topic of COMMUNITY.  Community is one of those things that every church talks about but very few church members actually find.  It's one of those church "buzz words" that just sounds good and looks nice on our websites.

But is that all community is?  Just a buzz word?  Or is it something that we can actually find in our church?  And if so, what do I need to do to find it?

Those are the questions that we discussed this week in the 2nd message of The BodyShop.  We talked about what community means and where it comes from and why you can't be a healthy member in the Body of Christ without it.  Check out the video above and hopefully it'll open the door for you to deepen your relationships with the fellow members in the Body of Christ.

Welcome to The BodyShop - Part 1

If rain, sleet and snow won't stop the US Postal service, then it certainly won't stop us either!  We had a foot of snow in the DC on Saturday and that stopped us from being able to meet together in person; but it didn't stop us from Church!

Because as we saw in yesterday's message, the Church isn't a place we go... the Church is who we are!  I am the Church and there is no greater honor than for me to say that and identify myself as a member of the "theanthropic" Body of Christ (big word explained in the message).

That's the point of our newest series, The BodyShop.  We'll been given a great honor in being part of the Body and every week in this series, we'll look at a different aspect of what it means to be a HEALTHY member of that Body.

Welcome to The BodyShop!

THE DANIEL PLAN, Part 4 – We're Better Together

Community - one of the most overused words in churches everyone.  Everyone talks about it, but so few actually experience.  Is it possible to live healthy lives without it???

NO!  Check out week 4 of THE DANIEL PLAN as my good friend Michael Guirguis talks about the importance of community and why it is essential for a balanced, healthy life.  And make sure you stay tuned till the very end of the video for a memorable ending to this week's message.

And come join us for The Daniel Plan - either in person or by following along at - and find out what it means to "glorify God in your body."  Enjoy!

UnFriending - #reFriending PART 4

Series finale in the #reFriending series and the subject was the toughest one of all...UnFriending.

What do you do when you realize that your "friends" are bringing you down?  Do you distance yourself from them?  Do you try to help turn them around?  What is the right thing to do?

That's the topic in this week's message.  Check out the video and see for yourself what I believe is the right approach that we need to take.

Building Community Part 2 - RELATIONSHIP BUILDERS

"He who runs alone runs fast; he who runs with others runs far." 

Part 2 of the Building Community series and this week the focus was on RELATIONSHIP BUILDERS - things we need to work on if we're serious about transforming our superficial relationships into meaningful ones.

Check out the video below and as you're listening, try to discover ways to put these principles into practice today.

BUILDING COMMUNITY Part 1 - Relationship Busters

Community.  Maybe the most overused word in churches today.  It's something that we all need (see Genesis 2:18) but it's just so hard to do - especially at a non-superficial level.

Yesterday at The Well, we looked at some of the reasons why that is.  We talked about 3 RELATIONSHIP BUSTERS - those things which are within us that prohibit us from attaining authentic community.  If left unaddressed, these three things will eventually rear their ugly heads in every relationship you have - especially the ones closest to you.