BEYOND THE KINGDOM - Build Your Kingdom Part 5

Get ready for a celebration!  It's the final week in the Build Your Kingdom campaign and yesterday's message answered the question: "WHAT'S NEXT?" Check out the video above to see what I mean.  

And keep laying those BRICKS!  The Sunday series may be complete, but the campaign to build the Kingdom in Arlington is NOT!  I'll post an update tomorrow.  But in the meantime, KEEP ON BUILDING!!!

World-Changing PRAYER

Week 2 of the World-Changers series and this week's topic is World-Changing Prayer.  The key thought for this week's message is this:  what you PRAY FOR reveals what you BELIEVE ABOUT God.

Pray for small things?  Then you probably believe in a small God.

Pray for selfish things?  Then you probably believe that God is here to serve you and make you happy.

Pray for nothing?  Then you probably believe that God doesn't really care.

Jesus didn't come back from the dead just for a celebration; He came back on a mission and with marching orders for us to continue that mission.  If we're serious about being World-Changers (like Jesus was and like His original followers were) and getting that mission done, it's going to need to start with our prayers.

World-Changing FAITH

"When Jesus came back from the dead, He didn't come for a celebration.  He came with marching orders."

One week removed from the Feast of the LORD's Resurrection and the question on everyone's mind is....NOW WHAT?  What next?  Back to life as normal?  Or was that whole Good Friday/Easter Sunday thing supposed to make a real difference in my life somehow?

I believe the answer is YES!  Absolutely, positively, 100% yes!  If you look back at the guys who lived through the Resurrection the first time, you'll see that this one event ushered in a whole new era of life.  The weak became strong, the timid became bold, and the doubts turned to faith!  The Resurrection did make a difference...A LIFE-CHANGING AND WORLD-CHANGING DIFFERENCE!

I believe the same is meant to be true today as well - for me and you.  Easter may be over and the food may be finished, but the marching orders are still in full effect.  Take a look at the video below and see for yourself what happens when we actually believe that that is true.