MANY MEMBERS, ONE BODY - The BodyShop Part 2

We began our exploration of what does it mean to be a "healthy" member of God's Body on earth by delving into the topic of COMMUNITY.  Community is one of those things that every church talks about but very few church members actually find.  It's one of those church "buzz words" that just sounds good and looks nice on our websites.

But is that all community is?  Just a buzz word?  Or is it something that we can actually find in our church?  And if so, what do I need to do to find it?

Those are the questions that we discussed this week in the 2nd message of The BodyShop.  We talked about what community means and where it comes from and why you can't be a healthy member in the Body of Christ without it.  Check out the video above and hopefully it'll open the door for you to deepen your relationships with the fellow members in the Body of Christ.