Welcome to The BodyShop - Part 1

If rain, sleet and snow won't stop the US Postal service, then it certainly won't stop us either!  We had a foot of snow in the DC on Saturday and that stopped us from being able to meet together in person; but it didn't stop us from Church!

Because as we saw in yesterday's message, the Church isn't a place we go... the Church is who we are!  I am the Church and there is no greater honor than for me to say that and identify myself as a member of the "theanthropic" Body of Christ (big word explained in the message).

That's the point of our newest series, The BodyShop.  We'll been given a great honor in being part of the Body and every week in this series, we'll look at a different aspect of what it means to be a HEALTHY member of that Body.

Welcome to The BodyShop!

Do I Really Need to Go to Church?

How important is it to go to church on Sundays?  Give it a number, from 1 to 10 – with 10 being “vital, most important part of my week, can’t live without it” and 1 being “optional activity, not really a big deal, I’ll survive without it.”  Where would you rank church attendance? How important is it to you?

Recently I read an article about the current state of Christianity and the Church in America.  Granted the study was published back in 2007, but the results are still valid as they speak about a trend which has continued in our country.  The main finding of the study was this:

The percentage of people that attend a Christian church each weekend is far below what pollsters report.  On surveys, 40% of those polled say they go to church every Sunday; but in actuality, less than 20% actually make it to church on Sundays.


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