The Guardian of Biblical Truth - YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT Part 6

Series finale in the You Are What You Eat series and this week's message is about one of the hottest topics in modern Christians circles.  TRADITION...and its role in the Church and in our spiritual lives.

"Tradition?  You mean all that man-made stuff that Jesus hated?  That stuff's for the Pharisees!  I don't believe in Tradition; I believe in the Bible and YOU SHOULD TOO!"

If that's the perspective you're coming from, I invite you to check out the video below and see for yourself.  You may be surprised to discover that you're already depending on Tradition a lot more than you realized...

Why I Need the Bible - YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT Part 2

Week 2 of the YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT series at The Well and this week's message is one that we all need.  Last week we looked at the question "WHAT is the Bible?"  We saw that the Bible is the breath/voice of God coming through the vocal chords of various writers.  This week, we discussed the question "WHY do I need the Bible?"

The majority of us know that we SHOULD read the Bible and know that it's important.  But the bottom line is that we often don't read the Bible because we don't see the impact of it in our lives.  We don't see how it is supposed to make my life/day any better.

I Am the Way (I AM Part 5)

We wrapped up the I AM series yesterday with a final message on Jesus' most politically incorrect statement ever:

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." (John 14:6)

How could Jesus say such a statement?  Doesn't He know that it's offensive to say that your religion is better than someone else's?  And isn't this somewhat arrogant - to believe that your way is the ONLY WAY to heaven?


Part 4 in the Crazymakers series.  This week is all about BOUNDARIES - what is my responsibility and what isn't?  Should I help every person in need?  Should I help no one in need?  Where do I draw the line? The answer to these questions might surprise you.  One of the things that I said in the message is that our goal is NOT to aim for equality - the goal isn't to treat everyone the same way.  That wasn't what Jesus did surprisingly enough.

So what should we be aiming for?  You'll have to listen to find out!