Finding Joy in the Bible - YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT Part 5

"Your words were found, and I ate them,and Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart"  Jeremiah 15:16

Do you ENJOY reading the Bible?  Be honest.  I know that you probably force yourself to do it, but how often do you actually find JOY when you read God's Word?

That's our topic in this week's message in the You Are What You Eat series.  The title of the message is FINDING JOY IN THE BIBLE and it's a topic that I'll bet most people don't think applies to them.  We know it is "good" to read to Bible and we know it is "beneficial" to read the Bible and we know that we are "supposed" to read the Bible.

But did you ever know that it can be ENJOYABLE to read the Bible?

Well, now you do.  Check out the message above and see for yourself.

The Art of Studying the Bible - YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT Part 4

What's the difference between READING the Bible vs STUDYING the Bible?  It's the difference between chugging a bottle of water vs sipping a glass of wine.  The objectives are different (quantity vs quality) and therefore the methodology needs to be different as well.

This week's message in the You Are What You Eat series is titled THE ART OF STUDYING THE BIBLE.  In it, I talk about the method I use to help me go deeper into God's Word and find depth there.  It's not as complicated as you think.  Like everything in life, you just need a good system to help you achieve your desired results.

Reading for distance is good; but studying for depth is where the richness of the Bible is found.  

The Real Reason We Don't Read the Bible - YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT Part 3

Be honest.  What's the real reason you don't read the Bible more?  Too busy?  Not sure if it's true?  Don't need to hear God's voice?  Nope.  None of those are the root.  The real reason we don't read the Bible is simple: WE DON'T GET ANYTHING OUT OF IT!

I am fully convinced of that. If you found HOPE in the Bible, you'd read more.  If you found COMFORT in the Bible, you'd read more.  If you found DIRECTION in the Bible, you'd read more.  Our problem is not that we don't want to read the Bible; our problem is that we get nothing out of it when we do.

That's why this Week 3 in the YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT series might be the most important one for you.  In it, I talk about what I believe is the most important thing we need to do to find meaning in the Word of God.  We know that there's good stuff in the Bible; but it doesn't do me much good unless I know how to find it and understand it.

Check out this week's message - The Real Reason We Don't Read the Bible - below and get ready to discover the one key to unlocking the benefit of God's Word in your life.

Why I Need the Bible - YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT Part 2

Week 2 of the YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT series at The Well and this week's message is one that we all need.  Last week we looked at the question "WHAT is the Bible?"  We saw that the Bible is the breath/voice of God coming through the vocal chords of various writers.  This week, we discussed the question "WHY do I need the Bible?"

The majority of us know that we SHOULD read the Bible and know that it's important.  But the bottom line is that we often don't read the Bible because we don't see the impact of it in our lives.  We don't see how it is supposed to make my life/day any better.

Can I Trust the Bible? - YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT Part 1

Have you ever read the Bible and wondered if what you’re reading is true?  Do you wish you could open your Bible and actually understand what you’re reading?  Do you sometimes feel like the words in the Bible don’t really apply to your life today?

If so, then you’ll love the newest series that kicked off yesterday.  YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: Learning to Live on God’s Word.  

Too many of God’s children don’t know His Word, don’t really believe His Word, or worst of all, don’t DO His Word.  The goal of this series will be to transform us from simply “hearers” of God’s Word to active “doers” of God’s Word.