THE DANIEL PLAN, Part 6 - Winning with Hand You're Dealt

The sixth and final message in THE DANIEL PLAN series and this may have been the most eye-opening, life-changing of them all.  The message was titled "Winning with the Hand You're Dealt."

Life is kinda like a game of poker.  We're given a certain set of "cards" that we didn't choose.  We didn't choose when or where we were born... we didn't choose our parents or how they treated us... we didn't choose our physical weaknesses or limitations.  There's a lot of things that go into us that are beyond our control.

The easy thing to do is to complain about it and wish I had a different set of cards; the right thing to do is to make the most of the hand I've been dealt.

That's the subject of this week's message.  If you struggle with a poor self-identity or thoughts/feelings of anxiety, fear or guilt, then you MUST listen to this week's message to see how God wants to transforms those "cards" into a winning hand.


Do Not Be Afraid (sermon video)

Christ is risen!!!  WOO-HOO!!!!  And by His death, He has defeated death itself and given life and hope and joy to all those who believe Him and walk in His ways.

Because of that, the one expression that should fill the hearts and the mouths of His followers during these blessed days is DO NOT BE AFRAID.  But unfortunately, that isn't always the case.  Despite the fact that Christ defeated our greatest enemy (death), many still walk in fear today.

That's why I'm posting this sermon video today.  The title is simple: DO NOT BE AFRAID.  It was a sermon I gave on the first Sunday after Easter several years ago and I think it could speak powerfully to many people today.

Hope you enjoy!

Why I Need the Bible - YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT Part 2

Week 2 of the YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT series at The Well and this week's message is one that we all need.  Last week we looked at the question "WHAT is the Bible?"  We saw that the Bible is the breath/voice of God coming through the vocal chords of various writers.  This week, we discussed the question "WHY do I need the Bible?"

The majority of us know that we SHOULD read the Bible and know that it's important.  But the bottom line is that we often don't read the Bible because we don't see the impact of it in our lives.  We don't see how it is supposed to make my life/day any better.

I Am the Light of the World (I AM Part 3)

“I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”  John 8:12

This week's message in the I AM series is based on one of the inspirational and grace filled encounters that Jesus ever had.  The statement appears at the end of a dialogue between Jesus, some mean spirited Pharisees, and a woman caught in adultery.