Crazymakers Part 6 - CONCLUSION

We wrapped up the Crazymakers series yesterday and this final message might have been the most powerful.  In it, we talked about 6 commitments that we need to make in order to keep the crazymakers from making us crazy.  6 commitments.  That's it.  If you can do your best with these 6 commitments, I promise you, you'll find a new level of peace in your life - one that you never knew was even possible.

“When a man’s ways please the Lord, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.”  Proverbs 16:7

Check it out and leave a comment to let me know what you think.


Are you a people pleaser?  Do you care too much about the approval of others?  Is there any area of life where you are making decisions based on what other people will think about you?

“Nevertheless even among the rulers many believed in Him, but because of the Pharisees they did not confess Him, lest they should be put out of the synagogue; for they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.”  John 12:42-43

Check out Part 5 in the Crazymakers series: "The Snare of Approval Addiction."


Part 4 in the Crazymakers series.  This week is all about BOUNDARIES - what is my responsibility and what isn't?  Should I help every person in need?  Should I help no one in need?  Where do I draw the line? The answer to these questions might surprise you.  One of the things that I said in the message is that our goal is NOT to aim for equality - the goal isn't to treat everyone the same way.  That wasn't what Jesus did surprisingly enough.

So what should we be aiming for?  You'll have to listen to find out!


Crazymakers Part 3 - RESOLVING CONFLICT

It's one of the most important things to learn in life - yet it's something that's very rarely ever taught.  HOW TO RESOLVE CONFLICT - that was the topic of yesterday's message in the Crazymakers series.  In it, we looked at both the strategy (mindset) and the steps (what to do) to resolve the inevitable conflicts of life.

Such an important message for everyone.  Unresolved conflict hurts everyone and just sucks the life right out of life.  As I said in this message, we need to figure out a way to walk hand in hand, even when we don't see eye to eye.

Hope you enjoy!

Crazymakers Part 2 - WHO'S PUSHING YOUR BUTTONS?

How do you respond to anger?  Are you a Machine Gun?  A Mute?  A Martyr?  Or a Manipulator? That was the topic of yesterday's message.  It was Part 2 of the Crazymakers series, titled "Who's Pushing Your Buttons?"  In it, we looked at some of the different ways that we usually respond when angry and then saw four Biblical principles of how God wants us to handle anger.

An important message for all.  Why?  Because whether you realize it or not, you do have a problem with anger and you might be the only one who doesn't see it.  Just because you don't explode (those are the Machine Guns), doesn't mean that you don't have an anger problem.  It just means that your problem is hidden and that makes it even more dangerous.


Kicked off a new series at STSA yesterday called CRAZYMAKERS!  

What's a Crazymaker you ask?  "My wife makes me crazy", "my boss makes me crazy", "my parents make me crazy..."  Then they're your crazymakers! The goal of this series is to focus on our relationships and restoring health in this area of our lives.  And this is especially important as we - Orthodox Christians - kick off Lent today and begin this 55 day journey towards the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Why is this important for us at this time?  Stay tuned to tomorrow's blog post and I'll talk about it there.  Or you check out the video below as well.  Enjoy!  And good luck with all those crazymakers!