ETHICS VS OBEDIENCE - God's Ethics Part 1

“There are two ways, one of life and one of death;
but a great difference between the two ways.” 
Didache 1:1

ETHICS VS OBEDIENCE.  One is how we look at right vs wrong; the other is how God does.  One is relative and ever changing; the other is fixed.  One focuses solely on actions and behavior; the other focuses on a mindset.  One talks about sin as a line you can't cross; the other looks at sin as a slope you shouldn't mess with.

Most importantly, one leads to life; the other leads to death.

Which one are you using as you walk through life???

Check out Part 1 in our newest series at The Well called GOD'S ETHICS: REALIGNING YOUR MORAL COMPASS to help you see the difference and answer this extremely important question for yourself.

Laying Hold of God's Promise [video]

Too often, it seems like there's a disconnect between God's promise and our possession.  In other words, we hear/read many great things that God promises to His children (peace, joy, power, victory, etc.) but we seldom find any of those things in our possession.  Why is that? Check out yesterday's message from The Well - LAYING HOLD OF GOD'S PROMISE - and you'll see why.  

The problem isn't that God doesn't fulfill His promises; the problem is that we aren't looking for the right thing.  

We're looking for trees, but God is giving out seeds.

World-Changing OBEDIENCE

This week's message was the finale in the World-Changers series and it was my personal favorite.  It's a message I believe in very deeply and is at the fundamental core of who I am and why I do what I do.  And that message is this...


I don't know about you, but I want to be blessed by God.  And I believe God wants to bless me even more than I want to blessed.  So finding His blessing and finding His peace and finding His joy isn't a game of hide and seek.  And most of the time, I'd say He wants to give it to me even more than I want to receive it.

But the means by which that blessing will come is OBEDIENCE.  God gives us forks in the road every day and what we do at those forks will determine whether or not we find blessing.

The Real Reason We Don't Read the Bible - YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT Part 3

Be honest.  What's the real reason you don't read the Bible more?  Too busy?  Not sure if it's true?  Don't need to hear God's voice?  Nope.  None of those are the root.  The real reason we don't read the Bible is simple: WE DON'T GET ANYTHING OUT OF IT!

I am fully convinced of that. If you found HOPE in the Bible, you'd read more.  If you found COMFORT in the Bible, you'd read more.  If you found DIRECTION in the Bible, you'd read more.  Our problem is not that we don't want to read the Bible; our problem is that we get nothing out of it when we do.

That's why this Week 3 in the YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT series might be the most important one for you.  In it, I talk about what I believe is the most important thing we need to do to find meaning in the Word of God.  We know that there's good stuff in the Bible; but it doesn't do me much good unless I know how to find it and understand it.

Check out this week's message - The Real Reason We Don't Read the Bible - below and get ready to discover the one key to unlocking the benefit of God's Word in your life.

Joseph the Obedient - ALL YE FAITHFUL, Part 1

Kicked off a new message series yesterday called ALL YE FAITHFUL.  It's a look at the Christmas story from the perspective of four different characters (Joseph, Mary, Jesus and Herod).  We'll see how each one responded when God introduced a "change in plans" to what they were expecting in life.

The theme verse comes from Proverbs 19:21:  “Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails.”

In other words, no matter how great your plan might be, get ready for it to get messed up!

In fact, usually the best outcomes in life come from when God decides to totally "mess up" our earthly plans in order to replace them with His eternal plan.  But it all depends on how you respond.

So check out part 1 as we look at the first character in the story, Joseph the Righteous - a relatively unknown and underappreciated character who played a huge role in the Christmas story.