Laying Hold of God's Promise [video]

Too often, it seems like there's a disconnect between God's promise and our possession.  In other words, we hear/read many great things that God promises to His children (peace, joy, power, victory, etc.) but we seldom find any of those things in our possession.  Why is that? Check out yesterday's message from The Well - LAYING HOLD OF GOD'S PROMISE - and you'll see why.  

The problem isn't that God doesn't fulfill His promises; the problem is that we aren't looking for the right thing.  

We're looking for trees, but God is giving out seeds.

GOD IS LOVE - Part 2, Can You See HIM Now?

What's the most talked about, but least understood characteristic of who God is?  That's easy...LOVE!

Everyone has an idea in their mind about what love is and how love behaves.  We come up with our definition of love and then just apply that same definition to God.

But could it be that God's definition of love isn't the same as ours?  That God's love looks and behaves completely different than our love?  Is it possible that we don't really know what love is the way we think we do???

That was yesterday's topic - the 2nd part in our latest series, CAN YOU SEE HIM NOW?  Find out for yourself by checking out the video above.  The answer might be life-changing...