The Art of Studying the Bible - YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT Part 4

What's the difference between READING the Bible vs STUDYING the Bible?  It's the difference between chugging a bottle of water vs sipping a glass of wine.  The objectives are different (quantity vs quality) and therefore the methodology needs to be different as well.

This week's message in the You Are What You Eat series is titled THE ART OF STUDYING THE BIBLE.  In it, I talk about the method I use to help me go deeper into God's Word and find depth there.  It's not as complicated as you think.  Like everything in life, you just need a good system to help you achieve your desired results.

Reading for distance is good; but studying for depth is where the richness of the Bible is found.  

Praying Through Scripture - Extreme Makeover PRAYER Edition, Part 5

“We aren’t just reading words; but we are seeking the Word thru words.”

You can't speak about prayer without speaking about the Scriptures - aka, the Word of God.  If the goal of prayer is a conversation with God, then true prayer requires time spent prayerfully in the Bible.

That was the topic of Week 5 of the Extreme Makeover: PRAYER Edition series - PRAYING THROUGH SCRIPTURE.  Take a look at the video and find out what it means to pray through Scripture, why we need to do it and most importantly, HOW it can be done.

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