DOWN WITH DESPAIR - Fighting Failure, Part 5

"The Christian life may not be MISTAKE-free, but it can be GUILT-free."

The finale in the Fighting Failure series brought us face to face with the greatest enemy of them all...DESPAIR!  And specifically, we talked about the despair that comes from guilt and shame - feeling like I've gone too far and messed up too badly.

If you struggle with guilt and have a hard time forgiving yourself after you've repented, YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS MESSAGE and see for yourself what God has to say about your guilt and your sin.

IT'S TIME TO FIGHT - Fighting Failure, Part 1

"Your problem isn’t that you aren’t worthy of God’s love. Your problem is that you don’t believe it."

Kicked off a new series yesterday about a topic that everyone can relate to...FAILURE.  Feeling like you're not good enough, or that you'll never get past your struggles, or that you've let God/others/yourself down.  We're talking about what to do with guilt and shame and doubt and despair and all the other feelings that come with failing time and time again.

The theme of the series is this: God wants to work THROUGH your mistakes and shortcomings, not IN SPITE of them.