Big Rocks First

A simple concept that will transform your life – if you learn to live by it daily.  No one other concept is more important to the idea of “time management,” and more importantly “life management,” than this.

Here is a video by Dr. Stephen Covey which illustrates the concept of BIG ROCKS FIRST.  The video is about 6 minutes long but trust me, it's well worth watching.  The visual illustration is much more powerful than any words can say and it will stick much longer too.

After you watch the video, consider what are the BIG ROCKS in your life?  Part of living intentionally means realizing that not all tasks were created equal.  The appropriate question to ask is not “did I get stuff done today?” but rather “did I get the important stuff done today?”  Like I said yesterday, the issue isn’t working harder; the issue is how to work smarter and focus on the important tasks that really need my attention.

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