Would You Ever Build a House without a Plan?

The late Dr. Stephen Covey, best-selling author who helped change my life with his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, used to always say that “all things are created twice.” What he meant by that is that every new idea or concept or dream must be created twice: first in one’s mind and secondly in one’s life.

For example, let’s say you want to build a house.  What do you do first?  Start digging a hole?  No.  Before you start the actual work of building a house, you sit down and come up with a plan.  You can’t just start digging and figure it out as you go.  You first create the house on paper – in as much detail as possible – and then you begin the actual work of building the house physically.

The same holds true for a dream.  Recently I wrote about the starting point of making your dreams a reality.

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What Does It Take to Be Great?

“Greatness is not given.  Greatness is taken.”That’s a line from the new Gatorade commercial starring DC’s newest celebrity – Robert Griffin III, quarterback of the Washington Redskins.

In addition to being a fan of RGIII and hoping that he is the long awaited franchise quarterback that the Redskins have been waiting for, his commercial got me to thinking: 

what does it take to get great?  What defines greatness?

What makes a great doctor or a great lawyer?  What makes a great husband or wife?  And in a spiritual sense, what makes me great as a child of God?

I’ve always believed that the measure of success in any field isn’t based on what you DON’T DO, but rather it is based on what you DO DO.  I even said that once at a retreat and it quickly became the catch phrase of the retreat:  SUCCESS = DO DO (copyright coming soon, once I figure out how to do that :)).

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Big Rocks First

A simple concept that will transform your life – if you learn to live by it daily.  No one other concept is more important to the idea of “time management,” and more importantly “life management,” than this.

Here is a video by Dr. Stephen Covey which illustrates the concept of BIG ROCKS FIRST.  The video is about 6 minutes long but trust me, it's well worth watching.  The visual illustration is much more powerful than any words can say and it will stick much longer too.

After you watch the video, consider what are the BIG ROCKS in your life?  Part of living intentionally means realizing that not all tasks were created equal.  The appropriate question to ask is not “did I get stuff done today?” but rather “did I get the important stuff done today?”  Like I said yesterday, the issue isn’t working harder; the issue is how to work smarter and focus on the important tasks that really need my attention.

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