MOMENTUM IS BACK Woo hoo!  Time to get excited!  Why?  Because this year’s conference promises to be “greater” than ever!  That’s because the topic this year is STRIVE FOR GREATNESS.  And believe me when I say that I have never been more excited for a conference than I am for this one.

You see, I have this fundamental belief inside my core that I just can’t shake.  Whenever I read the Scriptures or look at the lives of those who have given themselves into the LORD’s hands, I just can’t help but coming to one conclusion:  WE WERE MADE FOR GREATNESS. 

Not greatness in the world’s eyes (riches, fame, etc.), but greatness in God’s eyes – the kind that comes from being “His workmanship” and from being “sons of the Most High.”  God didn’t create us for “normal-ness” or “average-ness” or “barely-getting-by-ness.”  He made us to be great!

But the problem is that we’ve settled.  We’ve stopped striving for “great” and settled for “goodenough.”  We’ve accepted limitations and shortcomings that God never intended us to live by.  And in doing so, we’ve set a ceiling on God’s work in us and through us. BUT NOT ANY MORE!  Momentum 2014 is all about blowing the roof off of those limitations and letting God reveal the greatness that He has planned for us.

But I don’t want you to think that this is just going to be some “rah rah sis boom bah…you’re an all star…go out there and get ‘em tiger” kind of weekend.  Nope.  Not at all.  Without some practical application – without any tangible life skill learned – this conference would be a waste of your time and mine...

...that’s actually why I most excited about this conference!

What separates this year’s conference is the PRACTICAL LIFE SKILLS that we’ll be discussing.  We won’t just focus on WHAT God wants for us in 2014, but we’ll learn HOW to get there as well.  Before the weekend is up, each participant will have developed his/her own, individual life plan (aka plan for greatness) in 2014 and will also have learned the process for maintaining that life plan throughout the year.

That’s why this weekend promises to be guessed GREAT!

The material that I’ll be sharing at the conference is tried and true.  It’s the same method that I personally have been using to set a yearly life plan for years now and I promise you it can change your life.  It did for me.  It will allow you to accomplish things you never thought possible and achieve your fullest potential in Christ. 

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today!  February 21-23 in Bushkill, PA (near the Poconos).  The price goes up on Sunday so don’t wait any longer.

And get ready to make 2014 your greatest year yet!

For discussion:  are you excited for Momentum 2014?  If so, why?