LIVING YOUR STRENGTHS Part 3 - My Strengths & Your Weakness

Every person (not just you) has unique and eternal value in God’s eyes and therefore should have the same value in yours.

That was the central message of yesterday's series finale in the Living Your Strengths series.  After two weeks of talking about the importance of understanding and maximizing our own strengths, we looked at the flip side yesterday - dealing with the weaknesses of others.

It's easy to think highly of our own strengths and look down at others who don't share them.  It's easy to think that because something is easy for me or comes natural to me, then it should be the same for others as well.  But that's not the point.

Check out the message above and see why it's so important to not just ACCEPT the weaknesses of others, but to APPRECIATE them because those differences were designed by God for a specific reason.

Now it's your job to figure out what that reason is for the people in your life.