THE CALL TO BUILD - Build Your Kingdom Part 1

"Consider now, for the Lord has chosen YOU to build a house for the sanctuary;be strong, and do it.” 1 Chronicles 28:10

The Build Your Kingdom series officially kicked off yesterday with a message titled "THE CALL TO BUILD."  We looked at why having a visible building is so important to a invisible God (hint: it isn't for His sake as much as it is for our sake).

- God built a home for He and Adam (the garden of Eden).  

- God commanded Moses to build a home for Him among the Israelites in the wilderness (the tabernacle).

- God put it on David's heart to build him a permanent home in Jerusalem (the temple).

- And when that temple got destroyed, God moved in heart of the king and in the spirits of His people to rebuild that home and restore His sanctuary (see the book of Ezra).

And now God is putting it on our hearts at STSA to build Him a home as well - not for the purpose of building a building, but rather for the purpose of BUILDING HIS KINGDOM.

Check out part 1 of the series above and let's get ready to build!