DEALING WITH DISINTEREST - Fighting Failure, Part 3

"Why try?  You're never gonna succeed?  You might as well give up and stop fighting."  

Recognize that voice?  That's the voice that we hear during the second round of our fight with failure as we encounter the enemy of DISINTEREST (or apathy).  That's when we've failed so many times and we don't think we'll ever succeed.  So instead of fighting what we perceive as a losing battle, we throw in the towel and say "it's not that bad...I don't need to fight...I could try if I wanted but I don't really care..."

Dealing with that disinterest was the topic of Round 3 in the Fighting Failure series.  In the message, we look at King David - a giant slayer and a man after God's heart - who messed up in a royal manner (pun intended).  But once again, we see that it isn't David's failure that defines him - but rather it's his response to failure instead.