LET'S GET TO WORK - The BodyShop Part 3

God gives power to the Church.  The Church gives power to the members.  The means by which this power is distributed is called LITURGY.

That was the main message in our 3rd message in The BodyShop series as we continue to look at the different markers that make a healthy member of the Body of Christ.  This week's topic...LITURGY, our communal response to God.

We talked about WHAT liturgy means (much more than a just bunch of prayers said in a church building on Sunday mornings).  We talked about WHY liturgy is something we should desire to be part of (it gets results, it brings joy, it prepares us for heaven).  And at a very practical level, we discussed HOW we can get the most out of liturgy (hint: it requires more than just showing up).

So check out the message above and hopefully it'll open your eyes to a new level of worship and prayer as a member in Christ's Body.