Can You See Him Now? Part 1

Kicked off a fantastic new series in The Well yesterday - one that I am super excited for - called CAN YOU SEE HIM NOW? The premise of the series is very simple and is based on this one statement:

“The most telling characteristic about a man is what his view of God is.  This will determine the outcome of life more than anything else.”

What's more important:  the reality of who God is?  Or your PERCEPTION of who God is?  What will affect your life more: how God looks at you?  Or how you THINK He is looking at you?  You may never realize it, but believe me, the perception of God that each of us has in our minds will affect our lives in ways that we'll never realize.

That's why the goal of this series is to get rid of those pesky misperceptions that we've accumulated along the way and to see God as He really is.

The difference could be life-changing...and eternity-changing as well.